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The Central Library of Lääne County is located at Haapsalu – a town with the population of 12 000.


The first public library at Haapsalu was formed  in 1866 by the  Club Musse. It is considered to be the predecessor of the present central library.


In 1896 was founded library of the Kungla Society, which in the 1918- 1940 acted as the public library in Haapsalu.


Haapsalu has been known as a holiday resort for a long time, with its high and low tides through out its history. The greatest boom occured during the first Estonian Republic of 1981- 1940 when every summer the town was full of holiday makers. The spring marked the beginning of an active life wich lasted through the summer and subsided again in the autumn. Obviously the cultural life of the town, including the libraries, was influenced by that kind of periodicity.

During this period the librarian there was Karl Tammeveski.


In 1927 talks began in order to rename the Kungla Society Library as a public library, and a contact effecting the change was signed by the Board of the Kungla Society and the Haapsalu Town Counsil on May, 1928.


In 1935 was nationally celebrated the 400 anniversary of the first Estonian-language book.


After Second World War,  in 1944, a library was opened as the Läänemaa Central Library.